Brownie Cake Pop

Bownie Cake Pop

This was an easy one! I simply took a few of the leftover Cry-No-More Brownies, crumbled them up, and mixed it with the chocolate frosting recipe from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. then I made balls, froze them and dipped them in Chocolate, and enjoyed.

*Or if you have a favorite Brownie recipe or any leftover cake, use that and add the frosting (Chocolate Frosting –  1/2 C Heavy Cream, 2 T of Coco Powder, 3-4 T Ground Stevia Blend – Blend in a mixer. )

How to Chocolate dip-

Freeze your stuffing, put it melted chocolate, cover with chocolate using a spoon, scoop under the truffle, take your knife, slip under the truffle, gently bounce on the side until the chocolate is no longer dripping, use the edge of the bowl to scape the bottom of the knife, and lay on wax paper, cool and enjoy.


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