Chicken Quesadilla


This is another staple in my diet! I found the concept for this recipe in the original Trim Healthy Mama Book (OB) on Page 307.

My work has an amazing pizza oven, and I just love using it, to make what I have brought for lunch all worm and tasty, and not like last night’s left over….

My sister found me these great 5 carb wheat tortillas, and I love stuffing them with cooked chicken, yummy cheese, and of course, my favorite, Jalapeños!!!!!!!  Prepping them was the easy part, and the last time I made these, I wrapped them in cling wrap and tossed them in the freezer, it worked… but once it was cold the cling wrap, was not so clingy, and I was afraid that if I left them in there for more then a week, they would start tasting like my freezer, so, I found a better way!


I took my prepped wrap, first wrapped it in cling wrap, and wrapped them in aluminum foil! This kept them all protected and wrapped tight! (always wrap in something to protect it from touching the aluminum foil, I worked as a cook for a lot of years and we were never allowed to have the food touch the aluminum foil if we were going to store the item in the fridge.)

This made it a great grab and go lunch, I would grab any leftover veggies from the night before and take it with me. One of my favorite lunches! Makes me feel like I went out to Taco Bell, but I really did not, and stayed on plan!


PS- This prep came from Week 3 Menu plan, and tags are available for quick printing here.


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