Fried Cream Cheese Berry Taco

These Fried Cream Cheese Berry Taco’s are amazing! I just love the amazing things this women makes, and one these Fried Cream Cheese Berry Taco’s hit all the yummy buttons on my taste buds! Below is the link to her recipe, trust me! its WORTH it!

I was VERY happy how well this recipe worked to prep in bulk! I made up 6 wraps and had a Breakfast option done for a quick grab n’ GO!

Here is how I did it-

I six times the recipe, filled, rolled and fired all of them, let them cool completely, (this is important, or they might turn soggy-YUCK!) I packaged each one in its own bag, labeled and refrigerated them!

Cooking- I tried a few things, but the best way to enjoy them in the morning was actually to toast them in your toaster!!!!!  These are a great grab and go Breakfast option! Thank you Briana Thomas!

PS- This prep came from Week 3 Menu plan, and tags are available for quick printing here.


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