Week two Prep List


THM Menu Plan for Week Two Prep.png

Week Two Prep list!

I did it, another week on plan! I feel like I am getting better at this every week! And its only going to get better from here!

Here is the link to the Menu if you would like to download it:

THM Menu Plan-Week 2-2016

Things to do:

Waffleized Breakky Sandwich-S (Found on pg.263 in the new THM Cookbook) Whip up a Double batch of Bring Back Waffles, let Cool, add cheese, sausage, and then fry up single serve eggs to top it off. I then through them in the oven on 350 for about 10 min, to heat everything up. I then place each Sandwich in its own containers, for quick grab and go breakfast!

Waffleized Breakky Sandwich

Oatmeal – Peachy Cream-E (Found on pg.247 in the new THM Cookbook)-I made up 2 servings of this recipe and divided up the base oatmeal into microwave safe dishes, and then I made a separate small containers with the greek yogurt topping. This way everything is in a Grab and go container, I just have to pop the Base Oatmeal container into the microwave, I found if i heat for 2 min, stir and then heat 30 seconds, i am good. Once its cooked, I added the topping, and breakfast was done!!

Deli Meat Roll-ups-FP (pg. 244 in the original THM Book)- Took Deli meat – smeared Laughing cow cheese and Fat Free Cream Cheese on one side and rolled up a pickle. Divided up everything in Grab and go containers. My Husband just love’s these, and they are great simple little quick snacks, for a great middle of the Day FP.

Chicken Quesedillas – S (Found on pg. 307 in the original THM Book) I made two servings of this one, and threw one in the freezer for a quick grab next when I need it. I took left over Chicken, cut it up, sliced up Jalapeno (I LOVE Jalapeno) and cheese, only layered up one side, and folded the Low Carb Tortilla over, This made easy to handle for the pizza oven at work 🙂

Tortilla Pizza – S (Found on pg. 208 in the original THM Book) For me, this was a great idea, I made up a bunch of “frozen” single serve pizza, I took a plan approved low carb tortilla, smeared pizza sauce, topped off with Pepperoni, Jalapeno’s, and Cheese, wrapped them up in plastic wrap and tossed them into the freezer.

Tortilla Pizza

Cream Cheese Cookies-S. I found these little Jems here: http://www.foodiefiasco.com/cheesecake-cookies-squared/

They are quite tasty and a great FP for between meal snacking, I doubled my batch, and split them up into two grab n’ go containers.

Cream Cheese Cookies

Berry Crunch Bars – S (Found on pg.392 in the new THM Cookbook)

Slim Belly JellyvThis was a great add to my menu! I had to whip up a batch a slim belly Jelly (i used Black Berries, because they were on sale ;)) I will be using this in the coming few weeks when planning my meals! De-lish!

Once the slim belly jelly was cooled, I whipped up the Berry Church bars. I once again split everything up in two Grab n Go containers for a great week of snacking!

Berry Crunch Bars


Cry-no-More Brownies – S (Found on pg.314 in the new THM Cookbook)-I have to say, these are AWSOME!!!!!!! I had such a hard time not eating two servings!!!!!!  I made the whole recipe and divided up everything in Grab and go containers. I will be in heaven! 🙂

Gwen’s Bread – Go here: http://gwens-nest.com/easy-bread-recipe/

I love keeping Gwen’s Bread on hand for all my Turkey Sandwiches, or what ever I do, I ran out this week, so it was time to whip up a new batch, (I will need to for next weekend!)

Shrinker-FP  (Found on pg. 400 in the new THM Cookbook) I did anther round of Sippers for the week, this time, I did the Shrinker, This one was a bit more complicated, but the GG Moonshine worked so well last week, I wanted to try it! I took half the water requested, and steeped all the tea requested, once it cooled, I blended up all the ingredients, (I added 1/2 teaspoon of Coco Powder, I just love this tweak, and then I divided them up in to 2qt jars. and stored then in the fridge. Now when I get to work, I can add the additional cup of water needed and top it off with ice and sip all day!

The Shrinker Prep

The Shrinker

GG Moonshine – (Found on pg.397 in the new THM Cookbook)- 3 Grab and go packs – Learn more here:


GG Moonshine


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