A Week of Sippin’ on The Shrinker

I just Love the all Day Sippin’, This week I did The Shrinker, and it turned out GREAT! Another Grab N Go Love!

Shrinker-FP  (Found on pg. 400 in the new THM Cookbook) I did anther round of Sippers for the week, this time, I did the Shrinker, This one was a bit more complicated, but the GG Moonshine worked so well last week, I wanted to try it! I took half the water requested, and steeped all the tea requested, once it cooled, I blended up all the ingredients, (I added 1/2 Teaspoon of Coco Powder, I just love this tweak, and then I divided them up in to 2qt jars. and stored then in the fridge. Now when I get to work, I can add the additional cup of cold water that is needed and top it off with ice and sip all day!

The Shrinker Prep

The Shrinker


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