Good Girl Moonshine

I love the all day sipping! but I really hate the everyday prep! So, I made GG Moonshine for the whole week in just one day!

I took 6 little containers, added Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger, and Sweetener for a single serving of a 2qt jar. Then I took a jar, added two Peach tea bags (my favorite way to drink GG Moonshine is with steeped peach tea) put a lid on it and set it aside. This made it all ready to go in my lunch bag for work!

Once I got to work – all I had to do, was add 1 Cup of hot water, steep my tea – Once my tea is steeped, I add my little container of ingredients, fill with cold water and ice, and enjoy!

Done!!! One day prep, a week of no work 🙂



8 Replies to “Good Girl Moonshine”

    1. So be honest, I do not know, but, I would not recommend keeping anything long term in any plastic item. However, for me, it’s what I have, and I only make a week or two at a time. ACV sometimes comes in plastic. I personally don’t have an issue.


      1. The plastic bottle the ACV comes in, is food-grade. I would not recommend storing it like this as it can “eat” through your plastic and leach out chemicals. Small glass containers would be more ideal.


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