Our New Little House


It’s been an exciting experience, but we did it! We now own our first home! I love our new two bedroom little yellow house that is in need of lots of love!

My husband and I have been browsing the market for almost 2 years, when one day, my mother-in-law tells me about this little yellow house in area of town we wanted to live in. Unknown to my mother-in-low, I had already seen the photos of this house online, and in my opinion, the house was just to ugly….. Even though, I thought I already formed my option on the subject I took another look at the house, and to peek my interest there was an open house listed. What could it hurt to check out…. Right? Well, we did, we took an initial look at the property one afternoon, just to see the outside of the house (it was an empty residents) and peeked onto all the windows and scooped out the back yard.  To our delight, it was actually quite lovely, in need of some loving, yes, but nice, all the same.  It was at that moment, my father-in-law, started describing what we would have in the back yard, where our little ones would play, what we would need to do! We have not even seen the inside and we where in love 🙂

Well, after all that we spent a week eagerly waiting to see the inside of this ugly house! The day finally came, as we walked into the door and started looking around, the “ugly” in the house slowly went away… The wood panelling could be painted, a wall be removed,  the out dated… Well the out dated everything could be updated… The orange carpet could be removed… The fixtures could be brought to this century…  All in all, it was not that bad, the spaces were large and there where no major projects that would need to happen, it would be all cosmetic!

As we evaluated the price, location, and the property that the lot included, we discover, that this ugly house, was exactly what we where looking for! We slept on the thought… Took one more look the next day and then decided that, this is what we waited for two years for!  Not the perfect house, but the perfect house for where we are at in life!

Then the presses began, mortgage applications, buyer again, offer writing! All within 3 days we wrote an offer and in five days we had an accepted offer on the house!

It’s was a very short trip from open house to accepted offer, but we know God lead us to exactly where He wanted us to be! God lead us and prepared us for this time! And when we finally had that accepted offer I our hands, I know that I would never want to do it any other way!

Now the fun will begin! Renovations!!! This couple is going to Learn to DIY there way to a beautiful little yellow house!!!


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