The Two Year Marriage Test – PASS!!!!

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The Two Year Marriage Test – I passed!!

Two fine years ago, after only a year and a bit of marriage, my husband went back to school. Now, when I say that I don’t mean he quite his job and went to school, I mean my husband worked a full 40 hours, and took anywhere from 16-18 credit class load, and if that was not enough during Spring, Summer and Fall, my already very busy husband loaded trucks after his long day for a locale landscaping company. He was CRAZY! But we were all in!

I thought the first semester would have been the hardest, that was nothing! it was the Second semester! that one hit home the worst, It was fall, I was along, I eat alone, I slept alone, I functioned alone. I took on all the house work, and any responsibly I could to make my husbands life less complicated. We would get up at 6am and after I finished a 9 hour plus work day a loving co-worker would drop me off at my husbands work place and I would walk home. With only one car and my husbands Job only 2 miles away it was not that hard, just made for really long days, and we would end the day at 10 or 11pm when my husband would come home and crawl into bed only to do it all over again. Weekends became our saving grace!

However, God teaches you so much! As the days turned into months I learned to call on the Almighty God, El Shaddai for comfort! I would enter into His gates curled into a ball on my bed and ask for comfort! I was always alone! and God always came to comfort!

I learn to take every minute I had, that 6 minute drive to work was on most days was the longest conversation I had with my husband! But it meant so much and I was thankful!

I learned to be thankful for what I had. When it came down to it! it was just a time in our lives, and then it would be over!

But the most important thing I think I learned is that, EVERYTHING happens for a reason! and God’s plans are MUCH higher then mine!

I have never been so happy to be two years older! My husband now has the degree, and the job to go with it.  Over the last four weeks God flew open the doors and we bought a house! Although we still have our fertility issues, and the absents of a family wights heavy on our hearts. I can see God’s Hand moving in mighty ways! I can’t wait to see what God will do with my Story next!! IT was all worth it!

Even when you are going through the hardest thing you have gone through, remember, God’s plan is better then what you imaged or planned your life out as! It was hard to learn but I would not give up the learning process! The blessings far surpass what you can imagine!


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