The Plan

Just like everyone else in the state I made a New Years resolution. To my frustrations I gained 40 lbs I addition to my already over wight self. I was moving slower, my back hurt more, I had no energy.

Things had to change, I had a plan, my husband had gone back to school, so on top of a full time and part time job, he has full time school. And to top it off, I live in a very small town with very few young adult with out kids. (Kinda lonely). So I had two years of evening alone and the freedom to do what ever I needed. So I started a two year plan to get healthy.

Now, I hate diets, and I LOVE food. I was a cook for quite a few years, and I have a passion of baking. I love making things not only taste good, but look good! Enter, overweight.

So I got a gym membership, cleaned up my eating, lots of fruit and veggies, high protein. I had faith, this was gong to work! I worked out 3-4 times a week, running, wights, and activities….  My 250lbs….. Only got bigger…..

Enter Trim Healthy Mama. My sister, who lost 50+ lbs would tell me all about it! but I refused to diet, until I family realized its more then just working out and better eating. If my sister can do it, I can do it. I bought the book, best $35 I ever spent.

I am now on the road to a healthy me! And I would love to share my struggles, victories, and my yummy food!


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